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D.R.I.P. Into Wellness


For high-performing women who want to overcome the overwhelm in their workplace and achieve personal and emotional growth


Determinedly Ready Intentionally Positioned


Hey sis! This you?

You hate going to work every day, but you need your job. -or-


You love the work you do, but the people and the environment are sucking the life out of that joy. -or-


You've followed company policies to report the maltreatment, but nothing is changing. -or-

You've applied for other roles and believe your "change is gonna come" but you're so frustrated, cuz... when?!

  • Overwhelmed doesn't begin to describe how you feel

  • You're taking out your frustration on your family

  • Your stress is through the roof

  • You feel trapped because you don't see many options for change

Something has to give!


You want things to change, so you buy self-help books, you watch online videos, and you might even attend conferences, hoping to learn something that will help you balance it all, but the people around you did not get the memo: they continue to show up as they always have, demanding your time and hindering your progress. You share your concerns and because they love you, they try to cooperate, but it doesn't last. This cycle is stressing you out but you still have a bit of hope that things will change. 


You’re doing the best you can and here's the truth: you deserve the support you give to others. You deserve to reach your goals and experience the life you've always envisioned.

You can have it if you D.R.I.P.  Into it!


High-performing women like you struggle to give yourself the support and advocacy you give to others even though you know you deserve it.


Imagine what it would be like to have the tools to navigate the demands of your daily life with grace. 

Imagine what it would be like to have true emotional stability along with the boundaries to sustain it. 

The self-help books and videos you use are indeed valuable, but they contain someone else’s ideals, perspectives, and recommendations about getting the life you want.

Imagine what it would be like to be guided through a process where YOU get to be the author of your own help: you would develop your plan based on your personality, your goals, and your desires. 

Imagine finally having skills you can apply to any challenging situation and being personally responsible for changing your outlook and taking control of your life. 


What if YOU:

  • could reclaim your peace and gain clarity about your desires and needs?


  • felt empowered to intentionally choose what aligns with your authentic self?


  • developed the skills to create, express, and assert boundaries?

  • had the emotional resilience to navigate challenges with the people who overwhelm you with their needs and requests?

  • gained insight into your strengths and values and used that knowledge to make meaningful changes toward life fulfillment?

  • were able to create a healthier balance between your responsibilities and personal well-being?


It may sound unattainable but it is possible!

How do I know?
I've been where you are!


As a high-performing woman, I showed up to work and gave it my all. I stayed late, came in early, helped teammates and supervisors. I even did their work for them sometimes (yes, I even did my supervisor's work sometimes).

I was what you would call a "team-player" and while that got me a lot of verbal accolades, it rarely translated to higher pay or reduced hours/workloads.

I learned to meet the overwhelming demands at work while balancing school, family, church, and community but my own basic needs were neglected so I had no hope or expectation that I'd have my dreams, goals, and desires.

I was performing well in all aspects of my life on the outside, but on the inside, I was falling apart.


In the early 2000s, I experienced three health scares. Prior to each one, I was pushing myself to the brink. After the third one, I knew something had to change because if I didn't take action, the fourth time could bring more serious consequences.

That's when I started paying attention to what I actually wanted, rather than just accepting what came my way. I drew on the wealth of knowledge I gained from 5 coaching certifications and 5 degrees, as well as my 20 years of experience in coaching and training, and found my own sense of empowerment.


And now, I have crafted a process that guides other women along this path toward empowerment. 


 I had the pleasure of being coached by Akua and she exceeded my expectations. She was very professional, patient, and thought-provoking. At the end of our sessions, I always felt such a huge weight lifted, and I was ready to go to the next level and accomplish my goals. 

L. Benson

Akua has a genuine concern for the well-being of others and she is sincerely vested in helping people reach their goals. Her non-invasive way of questioning makes the process easy and comfortable. She has the ability to relate and empathize while also being honest, real, and to the point!

S. Montgomery


Benefits and Outcomes

In the D.R.I.P.    Into Wellness coaching program, you will learn skills that will help you build wellness as you manage and navigate the overwhelming demands placed on you. 

These skills can be applied to any situation where you seek a positive change and will leave you feeling more connected to your authentic self. 

You will learn how to establish firm boundaries, focus on your goals, prevent overwhelm, and promote wellness.


"Tell me more!"

Here's what you'll do in the 12-week D.R.I.P.   Into Wellness group coaching program:

  • Construct a clear and deliberate plan for your desired future state/outcome

  • Examine your belief patterns

  • Plan your wellness care

  • Evaluate your circle

  • Identify some of the ways you may be unintentionally contributing to the problem

  • Learn and practice gratitude

  • Receive support and encouragement from a supportive community of like-minded individuals 

  • Direct support within the group from Coach Akua and additional support via email


Program Investment:

The D.R.I.P.   Into Wellness program represents is a culmination of my knowledge and expertise from creating various coaching programs, training, and curriculum throughout the years. The combined value of these offerings exceeds $20,000.

I am offering the 12-week D.R.I.P.   Into Wellness program for $8,000

1 payment of $5,000 (save 37.5%!)

3 payments of 2,500 (total: $7,500; (save 6.25%!))

6 payments (5 payments of $1,330, & 1 payment = of $1,350) 


Program starts August 14th @ 4:30 p.m (pst)

Enrollment closes August 6th 

(or when spaces fill up, whichever comes first!)


What do you want to know? 

"How do I know the program is for me?"

This is for you if you are a high-performing professional woman who usually gets things done AND you do them WELL. Lately you've been struggling with all the demands of your life, and you’re starting to feel resentment, guilt, or like something's missing. The happy feelings you once had when doing things for others is starting to wane and your previous motivators (earning good reputation, receiving a nice paycheck, maintaining good relationships, etc.) are not working. You want to start doing things for yourself but you're too drained after giving to everyone else.

"How long is the program & when will we meet?"

The program runs for 12 weeks and we'll meet for two hours each week via Zoom . Outside of the program, you will spend time processing, practicing, and implementing the plans you create but you can do this in the course of your regular schedule.


"When does the program begin?"

The program will begin on August 14 @ 4:30 p.m. We meet weekly from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Zoom links will be sent out via email prior to each class. 

"Is there a guarantee?"

I cannot legally guarantee your results but having personally used the program both individually and with clients, I can confidently say that the program delivers results when folks actively engage and put in the effort.

"Secure My Spot Today!"


Full-pay option:


(37.5% savings!!)


Secure your spot now and enjoy the ultimate convenience of paying the entire program fee upfront in one simple transaction.

By selecting this plan, you will not only streamline the payment process, but you'll also receive an exclusive bonus:

37.5% off the program cost!


Tri-pay option: 


(3 payments: $2,500; 6.25% savings!)

Secure your spot now by dividing the program fee into three manageable installments. This allows you to embrace the growth at a comfortable pace. Plus, by choosing this plan, you'll still gain access to the full program benefits!


Six-pay option:


(5 payments of $1,330, & 1 payment = of $1,350)

Secure your spot without straining your budget. The Six-Pay option allows you to spread the program fee into six manageable installments, giving you the financial flexibility you need. Don't worry, you won't miss out on any of the program benefits! 


I'm grateful for Akua's encouraging presence and her incredible spirit. she is #dopeness. the things that have come to #LYFE in my life since working with her have been amazing: clearing away the baggage to focus my energy on the blessing

S. Smith

I have learned so much from working with Akua, she has tremendous passion for the work she does. She is a gifted coach who helps you see the other side of your obstacles and then gives you the tools and support to navigate through them.

Regina S. 

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