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There's no question about it:
you are a high-performing woman!


be honest: you are OVERSTRESSED!

you are wearing yourself out! 


You are grateful for your job, your paycheck, and even like some of your colleagues, but 

(yes, "but"), you also give your all at work because that's how you roll, right?

the problem is, this also saps your energy. By lunchtime, your energy is GONE! 

You are ready for something to change. You are ready for relief. You are ready for ease.


You need to make intentional change!

High-performing women like you struggle to give yourself the support and advocacy you give to others even though you know you deserve it. But

Imagine ...

what it would be like to have the tools to peacefully navigate and mitigate the stress of your life's demands. 

what it would be like to have true emotional stability and boundaries to sustain it. 

having support while you develop a wellness plan that matches your personality, goals, and desires. 

​Imagine finally having skills you can apply to any challenging situation and being personally responsible for changing your outlook and taking control of your life. 

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About Dr. Akua

Over the last 20+ years, I held down (very demanding) full-time jobs, mentored, coached, and trained hundreds of people, and earned 5 certifications and 5 degrees! I did all this while raising two kids and being very active in my church.

AND yes: I gave my all in every single area!

But did you notice what I left out? Me!

I was on the back burner, an afterthought. And I was worn out.

Everything looked good on the outside, but on the inside, I was falling apart. I realized that I had to give myself the care, love, and attention that I gave to others. I realized that I had to focus on me. So, I shifted my focus and slowly learned how to give myself what I want, need, and desire FIRST. 

I learned how to live in intentional wellness.

I want to help you find wellness and balance as a high-performing woman. I’m inviting you to be Determinedly Ready and Intentionally Positioned for wellness so you can have the life you desire.

I want to help you

reclaim your peace and gain clarity about your desires

and needs

feel empowered to intentionally choose what aligns with your authentic self

understand how stress can harm your body and help you develop a plan to mitigate that harm

create a healthier balance between your responsibilities and personal well-being


What Previous Participants Say:

Dr. Akua's intentionality brought deep clarity [about] the purpose of what we learned & kept me eager, motivated, & engaged

JS, training participant

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