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Hey Friend! What happened?!

Remember when we used to drink straight from the water hose, play doorbell ditch late into the night, and spend hours outdoors — no helmets, no soft padding beneath us,

just pure adventure?!

But now you are SO stressed out!!

I think I know what happened...

You have a stressful job

You have too much drama in your relationship

There too many demands on your time

You're striving to meet other's expectations (or maybe you imposed them on yourself) 

You're have no real time for self-care

You receive little to no recognition or validation

You face biases and stereotypes daily

Your life is not turning out the way you wanted

And you are

You're overworked

You're overwhelmed

You're over it

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You're talking about me! 

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I've been there!

Over the last 20+ years, I held down (very demanding) full-time jobs, mentored, coached, and trained hundreds of people, and earned 5 certifications and 5 degrees! I did all this while raising two kids alone and being very active in my church.

AND yes: I gave my all in every single area!

But did you notice what I left out? Me!

I was on the back burner, an afterthought. And I was worn out.

Everything looked good on the outside, but on the inside, I was falling apart. I realized that I had to give myself the care, love, and attention that I gave to others. I realized that I had to focus on me. So, I shifted my focus, gathered all the things I'd learned over the years, and slowly learned how to give myself what I wanted, needed, and desired. 

I learned how to live in intentional wellness.

Now, I am inviting you to join me on this transformative path.

Together, let's prioritize our well-being and discover the fulfilling life we deserve.

AkuaRose 019.png

I wanna transform!

Add me to your mailing list; I wanna learn how you can help me!

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Appreciation for Dr. Akua

Dr. Akua's training style is engaging and personable. Loved her!

A.L., training participant

YES! I am ready to:

  • purposely take charge of my wellness

  • get equipped with tools to create and sustain my wellbeing

  • become un-shake-ably committed to creating and maintaining a wellness plan

  • thrive in wellness no matter what happens in my life 


I am ready to become 

Determinedly Ready and Intentionally Positioned   for wellness

Registration is closed!

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